China factory Wear Resistant Drag Chain Conveyor for Small Granular Materials Hot selling

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Dress in Resistant drag chain conveyor for small granular resources


Drag chain conveyor is a new product for horizontal (or tilt ≤ 15 °), for conveying of powder, granular, tiny items of content, in the technically sophisticated degree in the region. This product has a sensible style, novel framework and long support existence, generating it substantially superior to screw conveyors, buried scraper conveyors and other conveying products. It is an ideal new sort of conveying products.
Fu-variety chain conveyors are supplied with two sorts of normal rubber and plastic belts. Applicable doing work surroundings -fifteen °C -forty °C. When transporting factors with acidic and alkaline substances, oil substances and natural solvents, alkali-resistant and acid-proof conveyor belts are used.

Chain conveyor (FU sort)
(1) Realistic framework, novel style, superior techCZPT and comprehensive collection.
(2) Totally-enclosed casing, great sCZPT overall performance, protected procedure, and dependable procedure.
(3) The chain conveyor chain is manufactured of alloy steel processed by sophisticated warmth treatment approaches with lengthy service existence and extremely minimal maintenance rate.
(4) Big conveying ability, conveying capability up to 11m3/h.
(5) The transmission power consumption is minimal. With the support of the interior friction of the material, the content is driven to pull, preserving electrical energy and longevity.
(6) Import and export are adaptable. Elevated, ground, pit, degree, and climbing (≤ 15°) can be put in. The duration of the conveyor can be made according to the user.

The chain conveyor is primarily composed of the 1st area, the center area, the optional segment, the tail segment and the conveyor chain, the import and export resources, and the push. The drive is divided into two varieties: left and appropriate, and the push variety is chosen in accordance to the shipping and delivery volume and the shipping and delivery length. The feed inlet is divided into 3 sorts: the upper feed inlet, the lateral feed inlet, the two feed inlets, the discharge outlet is the head outlet, and the intermediate outlet and the center outlet are also offered for users to use.


Model  Tank
.17  .21  .26  .36  040  .53 
FU150  150  ≤4  ≤8  Capacity 
10  15  20  25   
FU200  200  ≤5  ≤10  16  22  30  40  58   
FU270  270  ≤7  ≤14  25  40  50  70  90  110 
FU350  350  ≤9  ≤18    50  80  110  140  180 
FU410  410  ≤11  ≤21    80  120  160  180  240 


Drum sprockets: These sprockets are generally wider to enhance the total surface area get in touch with in between the sprocket and chain. This decreases anxiety on each sections, making a more sturdy program for weighty haul conveyors.

China factory Wear Resistant Drag Chain Conveyor for Small Granular Materials     Hot selling

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