China high quality Bucket Elevator for Lifting Small Granular Materials Good quality

Item Description

Bucket Elevator for Lifting Tiny Granular Materials

The description of bucket elevator:
Bucket elevators are created to shift flowing powders or bulk solids vertically. Bucket elevators use an countless belt or chain and have a collection of buckets attached to it. Bulk material is distribute into an inlet hopper. Buckets (or cups) dig into the material and convey it up and above the head sprocket/pulley, and then toss the material out a discharge throat.
Bucket elevator can be divided into belt type and chain variety, and the widespread characteristic is utilized for vertical transportation of powder, granulated and little lump supplies. It has compact structure, small covering area, massive hoisting h8, very good sealed efficiency. Tape bucket conveyor is lightw8, versatile, simple managing main10ance and minimal sound, which can be employed to transportation density 1.5 t/m3 granular or little conveying of bulk materials.

Edge of Bucket Elevator:
The bucket conveyor has the advantages of huge conveying potential, high hoisting h8, secure and dependable running and long services lifestyle. The machine is applicable for the crushed supplies, and block resources, this sort of as coal, cement, block, sand, clay and ore. The bucket elevator is permitted to convey components with large temperature when armed with specific circle chain tructure.
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model type Transmission ability hopper Drive shaft rotation pace Most big degree conveying content Hoisting h8
(r/min) (mm)  
capacity(L) Bucket distance  bucket width       (m)
Deep fights Shallow fights (mm)   Procedure speed      
Deep fights Shallow fights   (mm) (r/min)      
D160 Tape kind 8 31 1.1 0.sixty five 300 160 1 47.five 25 4.62~thirty.02
D250 Tape sort 21.6 11.8 32 2.6 400 250 1.25 47.five 35 4.48~thirty.08
D350 Tape sort 42 25 7.8 7 500 350 1.twenty five 37.five 45 4.3~30.3
D450 Tape kind 69.six 48 15 14.5 640 450 1.25 37.five 55 4.fifty four~34
TH160 Tape sort 6 22 1.1 0.65 400 160 0.87 47.5 25 4.eighty four~30.02
TH250 Tape sort 14 6.8 3.2 2.six 500 250 0.87 47.five 35 4.84~30.08
TH300 Tape sort 28 16 5.2 4.4 500 300 1.25 37.5 40 4.sixty six~thirty.16
TH400 Tape sort 47.two 30 10.5 10 600 400 1.twenty five 37.5 50 4.fifty two~thirty.32

Drum sprockets: These sprockets are generally broader to increase the general area speak to amongst the sprocket and chain. This lowers anxiety on each sections, making a much more tough program for weighty haul conveyors.
Metal Break up Sprockets: These sprockets are split in half for less difficult set up into the chain method with out taking away the axle. The operator can spot each half into the chain before bolting the halves collectively. This only makes it possible for the sprocket to be changed with no dismantling the complete assembly and retains the operator from having to loosen or reposition the chain.

China high quality Bucket Elevator for Lifting Small Granular Materials     Good quality


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