China Hot selling 230HP Crawler Dozer 23.8 Ton Operating Weight Small Dozer Engineering

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SWD7 Bulldozers Primary Benefits

CZPT electronically managed motor meets the 3rd phase emission demands of national non-highway machinery. It is clever, successful, functional and minimal maintenance price.
Hydraulic mechanical torque converter uses exterior shunt machinery and hydraulic output, which has the characteristics of hydraulic transmission that can routinely adapt to the alter of load and very good mechanical transmission overall performance, and increases transmission effectiveness.
Energy change gearbox adopts planetary wheel composition, which has large transmission efficiency. The gearbox clutch adopts multi-plate soaked sort, oil stress mix, spring separation, pressure oil lubrication and cooling clutch.
Steering and braking clutch are adjustable-free, soaked multi-plate clutch. Brake clutch is usually blended and steering clutch is usually divided. A lock brake gadget is made to preserve the entire device in braking point out when starting up the motor, which improves the protection of the whole equipment.
The ultimate push is a two-stage planetary deceleration mechanism, which is installed outside the house the steering and braking clutch. The merged chain enamel have compact composition. When repairing the final transmission, it is not necessary to open the crawler and the walking body, so it is convenient to restore, disassemble and assemble.
The driving sprocket is divided from the walking body and arranged on the very same axis as the closing push and steering brake clutch. The tracked observe is triangular, removing the affect load directly transmitted from the ground to the driving sprocket, and escalating the services daily life of the transmission method by 30%.
The modular design of transmission areas reduces the website link of assembly station and facilitates disassembly and maintenance.
The semi-rigid suspension system is used in the going for walks method, and the pivot sort is utilised to exchange the traditional 8-shaped beam construction, which enhances the relationship stiffness among the traveling body and the body.The cylinder of the operating gadget is organized in close proximity to the vertical ground of the fuselage, which increases the shoveling drive of the shovel cutter and decreases the strain of the technique. The indirect assistance framework helps make the shovel blade shut to the fuselage, exactly bulldozes and controls the load.
Work gadget pilot management, all round lifting unit procedure dependability, successfully lessen the minimal failure price. Manipulation is labor-preserving, action is sensitive, feel is delicate, reduce the labor depth of operators.
The recently produced cab has upgraded its inside in an all-round way, and has been strengthened in sealing, shock absorption and noise management to improve driver convenience. Variety of integrated imported instrumentation, auto-like design, abandon the original round person instrumentation, exhibit details is broader and clearer.
More humanized air conditioning layout and technique are adopted to improve driver’s ease and comfort.

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Sort 6-cylinder,water-cooled turbocharged,mechanical injection
Rated energy 185KW
Rated speed 2100rpm
Implement Hydraulic Technique  
Hydraulic flow fee 170L/min
Hydraulic stress twenty.0MPa
Pump type Large stress gear pump
Handle valve Hydraulic operated pilot manage
Underneath Carriage Method  
Sprocket Elevated
Number of monitor rollers (every single side) seven
Amount of CZPT rollers (every aspect) (4 solitary, 3 double)
Variety of front loafer (each side) 12
Keep track of kind Single grouser
Monitor rigidity Hydraulic
Track pitch 216mm
Observe width 560mm
Amount of keep track of sneakers (every facet) forty
Monitor duration on ground 2890mm
Floor clearance 404mm
Main Technological Specification  
Functioning fat(CZPT ripper) 23800Kg
Ground force(CZPT ripper) .571MPa
Grade ability fifty eight%
All round proportions (L×W×H,CZPT ripper) 5680×3550×3440mm
Max. tractive power 280KN
Doing work Products  
Blade sort Semi-U
Width 3500mm
Height 1550mm
Max. digging depth 500mm
Max. carry earlier mentioned floor 1170mm
Tilting angle
Blade capacity 8.5m3
Transmission Technique  
Equipment box Power separating hydraulic mechanical variety
Torque converter Torque divider combined
Transmission assembly Built-in bevel equipment, numerous stage planetary equipment box, speed modifying control valve
Final travel Two stage planetary reduction equipment mechanism
Equipment shifts(Forward/Reverse)Travelling speed(km/h) F3/R3
Ahead/Reverse I 3.9/4.eight
Forward/Reverse II six.5/8.two
Forward/Reverse III 10.9/13.2
Services Capacities  
Gas tank 450L
Drinking water tank 118L
Employ oil tank 100L
Steering clutch Oil-sort, free-adjustment, a number of disc, pressed hydraulically
Steering brake Pressed by spring, separated hydraulically,costant meshed kind

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The teeth of a single pitch sprocket mesh with one tooth for every sprocket. Double pitch sprockets search like single pitch sprockets, but the chain only meshes with the other tooth. This implies that a double-pitch sprocket has the very same variety of tooth as a single-pitch sprocket, but only fifty percent of the enamel are engaged with the chain. The primary difference is that the double pitch sprockets are minimize with a unique pitch circle diameter for ideal engagement. For ep roller chains, the sprockets are the very same if the quantity of teeth is 32 or more for solitary and double chains.

China Hot selling 230HP Crawler Dozer 23.8 Ton Working Fat Little Dozer     Engineering


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