China Hot selling Small Apron Feeder for Cement Clinker Lime Great quality

Item Description

Apron feeder is crucial in ore feeding and conveying method. It is to transportation ore to major crusher for evenly and continually feeding, and also for brief-distance material shipping and delivery. It is specially appropriated for transporting components with huge proportion, large particle size, and powerful abrasiveness, and can work reliably in the open air, humidity and other severe situations, and can be widely utilised in metallurgical, mining, cement, and creating components. The two horizontal and oblique set up is okay, with maximum installation angle of 20º.

Features of Apron feeder

one. The device has much more affordable composition, and far more easy and convenient installation, disassembly, and main10ance.
2. suspension and one position floating to reduce installation error and improve the life of push technique..
3. Chain plate is in the solitary or double circular arc overlapping type, with impact and abrasion resistance and no leakage of materials.

Doing work principle of Apron feeder

The driving device of apron feeder operates in the way that motor drives reducer, then the CZPT sliding CZPT & eccentric system drives pawl, pawl toggling ratchet and ratchet driving the sprocket tends to make the feeder working. Eccentric mechanism is installed CZPT sliding coupling, the other stop supplied with the eccentric disc driving pawl and ratchet. The middle of the major driving technique is geared up with 2 sprockets & chain mesh and drives the feeder operating. You can alter the managing pace of the feeder by adjusting the eccentric length and optimal working speed can be acquired by adjustment of the eccentric wheel. Chain plate directly carries and conveys materials by the driving device. Operation chain plate forms an enclosed chain by means of sprockets.

Specification of Apron feeder

Sort Design Conveyor chute width (mm) Chain wheel centre distance (mm) Max. Feeding dimensions (mm) Feeding speed (m/s) Capability (m³/h) Electrical power (Kw) W8 (t)
Light BQ571 800 10000 a hundred and sixty .04-.4 twelve-fifteen 7.5 7.three
BQ1012 one thousand 12000 250 .03-.four 19-33 eleven nine.eight
BQ1212 1200 12000 350 .03-.four 22-38 eighteen.5 thirteen.6
Medium BL0805 800 5000 300 .02-.2 15-forty 7.five 7.2
BL571 800 12000 three hundred .02-.two 25-50 11 fourteen.six
BL10045 a thousand 4500 400 .02-.twenty five twenty five-65 7.5
BL1012 1000 12000 four hundred twenty five-55 eighteen.five 22
BL12045 1200 4500 500 .02-.25 35-65 eleven eight.three
BL1606 1600 6000 600 .02-.2 forty-eighty 15 16.3
BL1806 1800 6000 seven-hundred .02-.two fifty-ninety five 18.5 20.7
Heavy BZ1206 1200 6000 five hundred .008-.08 70-a hundred eighteen.5 37.8
BZ1507 1500 7000 600 .009-.08 one hundred-a hundred and fifty 22 47.7
BZ1812 1800 12000 800 .008-.08 150-240 45 eighty
BZ2210 2200 ten thousand one thousand .005-.02 240-320 fifty five eighty three
BZ2412 2400 12000 one thousand .008-.08 320-four hundred 2×45 111
BWZ12045 1200 4500 five hundred .008-.08 fifty-one hundred eighteen.5 thirty
BWZ1418 1400 1800 seven-hundred .008-.06 70-a hundred thirty 22 fifty two.six

Bushing Sprockets: Bushing sprockets can simplify chain program maintenance by changing only worn sprocket assemblies, although the bushings can still be reused. The bushing also has a tightly tapered mating area that can transmit increased torques than straightforward critical parts. Shut-fitting surfaces supply better overall performance in purposes with large start off/end functions or shock hundreds.
Roller sprockets are typically used in industrial and business apps to transmit force to the chain by meshing with rollers on the chain, the tooth of which mate with the internal plates of the chain. A broad range of apps benefit from these, like conveyor belts, huge industrial drives, robotics, electrical assembly, and far more.

China Hot selling Small Apron Feeder for Cement Clinker Lime     Great quality


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