China manufacturer Supply Rubber Track (650X120X78) for Big Type Machine Use Best Sales

Product Description

Solution Info:

one.Commodity:Dumper rubber keep track of

Measurement: Width:Width650*Pitch120*link78

Duration can be adjustable

other measurements can be used in Robot,Wheelchair, (mini)Excavators,

Observe loaders,Pitch Paver,Dumpers…And many others.

Warranty: Assure 12 months underneath typical use

Qualities of rubber keep track of:

1).Considerably less damage to the floor floor
2).Low noise
3).Higher managing speed
4).Considerably less vibration
5).Lower ground contack particular strain
6).Large tractive drive
seven).Mild w8

8).Straightforward to adjust

About us:
We source Rubber Tracks,Rubber Tracks for Truck,Small Rubber Keep track of,

Mini Asphalt Paver Rubber Track,Rubber Observe for Harvesting Excvavtor,

Rubber Observe for Skid Steer Loader,Rubber Keep track of for snowmobile,

Rubber Monitor for snowblower,Rubber track for robotic,and so on.

Merchandise Software(Brand):
one.Mini excavator rubber tracks:
Specializing in the manufacturing of numerous designs of mini excavators with rubber tracks,

can be equipped with imported types Komatsu, Hitachi, Carter, Sumitomo,Doosan,

present day,Volvo, Kubota,Yanmar, Takeuchi, Bobcats, JCB and so on.

2.Crawler excavators, crawler loaders, crawler agricultural devices, pavers tracks,

snow tracked vehicle and other particular collection crawler and rubber keep track of blocks.
Products for excavators, bulldozers, paver, crawler cranes, pipelayers W8 Model:
Carter excavatorVolvo excavatorKomatsu excavatorKomatsu bulldozer
Hitachi excavatorDaewoo / CZPT excavatorKobelco excavatorSumitomo excavator
Kato excavators,KubotaIshikawajimaFukuda reves
TakeuchiBobcatsYanmarYanmarSunwardCarterKubota harvesters and other

excavators,track loaders,pavers, agricultural machines.
3.Industrial tracked employing brand name as below:
Hyundai, Fukuda Revo, Sunward, Sany , Liugong, continuous unique, Jiang Lu,
Hongda, Jin workers, armed forces Alliance, Carter, Xihu (West Lake)
4.Harvester Model: Kubota, ZheJiang Planet, Coria, Japan, Yanmar, Fukuda, Korea HangZhou.


Rubber tracks dimensions type :

Dimensions weigth/link   Size W8/website link   Size W8/website link
a hundred thirty*seventy two .36   WD300*72 one.459   400*one hundred forty four seven.seventy five
one hundred fifty*sixty .52   B300*84 2.88   400*144Y seven.41
a hundred and fifty*72 .55   T300*86 3.13   420*100 5.3
170*sixty .48   three hundred*109KW 3.38   450*seventy one four.forty five
one hundred eighty*sixty .56   K300*109 three.fifty six   DW450*71 four.82
one hundred eighty*72 .64   300*109N three.32   450*seventy three.five four.57
one hundred eighty*72K .87   three hundred*109W 3.21   450*seventy six 5.27
H180*72 .seventy seven   320*fifty two.5 1.sixty nine   450*81.5 5.24
190*60 .59   320*fifty four one.eighty one   450*81N 5.19
a hundred ninety*sixty .fifty nine   B320*84 two.ninety five   450*81W 5.02
190*seventy two .seventy two   B320*86 two.ninety nine   450*eighty three.5 five.forty seven
two hundred*72 .84   B320*86SB two.ninety nine   450*eighty three.5Y five.67
two hundred*72K one.07   B320*86C three.01   450*eighty four 4.22
230*forty eight .87   B320*86Z three.12   B450*86 4.33
230*48K 1.06   B320*86CM three.01   B450*86SB 4.three
230*72 1.09   B320*86R 2.ninety nine   B450*86C 4.31
230*72K one.34   T320*86 three.22   B450*86Z four.fifty one
230*96 one.seventy seven   T320*86MB 3.3   B450*86CM four.37
230*101 1.ninety two   T320*86SB 3.27   B450*86R 4.3
250*forty seven one.eleven   T320*86C 3.twenty five   450*ninety 4.07
250*48.five one.13   T320*86Z three.53   KU450*90 three.9
250*fifty two.5 1.04   320*ninety two.85   450*one hundred ten 6.9
250*52.5K one.31   320*100 2.67   T450*100MB 5.three
250*72 one.seventeen   320*100W three.01   T450*100 5.09
B250*seventy two 1.03   320*106 three.sixty three   T450*100SB five.sixteen
250*96 2.21   350*fifty two.5 one.eighty five   T450*100C five.two
250*109 two.39   350*fifty four.five 2.31   T450*100Z 5.fifty five
260*fifty five.5 1.48   350*56 two.05   450*163 ten.47
260*ninety six 1.ninety one   350*75.5 three.fifty eight   485*92W 7.62
260*109 2.sixteen   350*90 one.eighty five   five hundred*seventy one seven.5
280*seventy two 1.43   350*a hundred 3.sixty nine   500*90 5.38
280*106 three.05   350*108 3.92   500*ninety two 7.eighty one
three hundred*fifty two.5KB one.sixty seven   350*109 4.twelve   500*92W 8.6
three hundred*52.5KW one.seventy one   370*107 four.68   500*one hundred six.34
300*52.5N 1.44   four hundred*seventy two.5KB 3.44   500*146 nine.ninety seven
300*fifty two.5W one.56   four hundred*seventy two.5KW 3.72   600*one hundred eight.three
JD300*fifty two.5N 1.fifty four   four hundred*seventy two.5N 3.48   600*one hundred twenty five 10.39
K300*52.5 1.72   four hundred*seventy two.5W three.eighty five   650*a hundred and ten 13.34
KB300*52.5N one.fifty five   400*72.5Y three.sixty two   650*one hundred twenty 13.75
three hundred*53 one.81   four hundred*seventy four three.4   650*a hundred twenty five 15.eight
three hundred*55 one.88   four hundred*75.5 four.09   700*100 ten.nine
three hundred*fifty five.5 1.ninety five   four hundred*86 four.14   700*one hundred twenty five 14.29
300*seventy one 3.31   four hundred*90 two.22   750*150 21.34
300*72 1.seventy seven   400*107 4.95   800*a hundred twenty five 19.14
      400*142 seven.twelve   K800*150 21.55
            900*one hundred fifty 31.23
            one thousand*150 33.three


Technique overall performance is extremely dependent on the conversation of the sprockets, which signifies that the sprockets you select generate the good results of your procedure. Make the appropriate and easy option with ep’s sprockets. Tsubaki provides chain and sprocket production capabilities. The chain meshes well with the sprockets for lengthy support daily life and reliable efficiency. This signifies lengthy-term savings and real worth for your functions. Lessen upkeep downtime, boost productiveness and decrease alternative costs
Sprockets are produced to ISO606 and ASME hundred requirements, offered in plate, one and double hub configurations, constructed from substantial quality carbon metal, optional tapered bushings simplify installation and removing, treatment options available on ask for, like black oxide

China manufacturer Supply Rubber Track (650X120X78) for Big Type Machine Use     Best Sales

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