China OEM Rubber Track with Driving and Supporting Wheel 60*15*69 wholesaler

Product Description

Rubber Observe with Driving and Supporting Wheel 60*fifteen*sixty nine

Specification of the Rubber Monitor

1. Suitable for the modest wheelchair.

two. Size can be adjusted.

3. Sprocket is obtainable.

Characteristics of rubber track:

one). Significantly less damage to the ground surface

2). Minimal noise

3). Large running speed

four). Considerably less vibration

5). Low ground contack specific strain

six). Large tractive drive

7). Gentle w8

eight). Easy to adjust

About us:

We offer Rubber Tracks, Rubber Tracks for Truck, Small Rubber Monitor, Mini Asphalt Paver Rubber

Monitor, Rubber Monitor for Harvesting Excvavtor, Rubber Keep track of for Skid Steer Loader, Rubber Observe for

Snowmobile, Rubber Observe for snowblower, Rubber keep track of for robot, etc.

Item Software(Brand name):

one. Mini excavator rubber tracks:

Specializing in the creation of numerous types of mini excavators with rubber tracks, can be outfitted

With imported types Komatsu, Hitachi, Carter, Sumitomo, Doosan, modern, Volvo, Kubota, IHI,

Yanmar, Takeuchi, Bobcats, JCB and so on.

two. Crawler excavators, crawler loaders, crawler agricultural equipment, pavers tracks, snow tracked

Vehicles and other specific series crawler and rubber keep track of blocks.

Products for excavators, bulldozers, rotary drilling rig, paver, crawler cranes, pipelayers W8 Model:

Carter excavator Volvo excavator CZPT excavator CZPT bulldozer

Hitachi excavator Daewoo / CZPT excavator CZPT excavator Sumitomo excavator

Kato excavators, Kubota Ishikawajima Fukuda reves

Takeuchi Bobcats Yanmar Yanmar Sunward Carter CZPT harvesters and excavators,

Loaders, pavers, agricultural equipment.

3. Industrial tracked employing brand as under:



Hyundai, Fukuda Revo, Sunward, Sany, Liugong, continual special, Jiang Lu,

Hongda, Jin employees, military Alliance, Carter, Xihu (West Lake)

4. Harvester Model: Kubota, ZheJiang Globe, Coria, Japan, Yanmar, Fukuda, Korea HangZhou.

Width*Pitch length(mm) Number of Links Width*Pitch length(mm) Number of Links Width*Pitch length(mm) Number of Links
130*seventy two 28-fifty three three hundred*fifty two.5K 72-eighty four four hundred*seventy two.5KW 68-ninety two
150*60 28-forty nine three hundred*52.5KW 72-92 400*74 sixty eight-76
a hundred and fifty*72 29-40 KB300*fifty two.five 72-ninety two four hundred*seventy five.5K 74
a hundred and seventy*60 thirty-forty KB300*52.5N seventy two-ninety eight B400*86 fifty two-fifty five
a hundred and eighty*60 thirty-40 JD300*fifty two.5N seventy two-ninety eight four hundred*90 42-56
a hundred and eighty*seventy two thirty-58 300*53K eighty-eighty four Y400*142 36-37
180*72K 30-37 three hundred*fifty five 70-86 400*a hundred and forty four 36-forty one
B180*72K 34-51 three hundred*55.5K 76-eighty two Y400*144K 36-41
B180*72A thirty-fifty one three hundred*71K 72-55 420*one hundred fifty-fifty eight
H180*seventy two thirty-fifty three hundred*109N 25-forty two 450*seventy one 76-88
a hundred ninety*60 30-forty K300*109 37-forty one DW450*71 seventy six-88
190*72 34-39 three hundred*109WK 35-42 450*seventy three.five 76-84
200*seventy two 34-47 B300*84 seventy eight-fifty two 450*76 80-84
two hundred-*72K 37-47 T300*86K forty eight-fifty two 450*81N seventy two-80
230*48 sixty-84 320*fifty two.5 seventy two-ninety eight 450*81W seventy two-78
230*48K sixty-84 B320*52.five sixty eight-98 KB450*81.5 72-80
230*seventy two forty two-fifty six 320*54 70-eighty four K450*83.5 seventy two-seventy four
230*72K 42-fifty six B320*86 49-52 B450*84 fifty three-fifty six
230*ninety six thirty-forty eight 320*90 52-56 B450*86 52-55
230*one hundred and one 30-36 320*one hundred 38-54 450*ninety fifty eight-76
250*47K 84 320*100W 37-sixty five KU450*ninety fifty eight-76
250*48.5K eighty-88 Y320*106K 39-forty three T450*100K forty eight-sixty five
250*fifty two.5K 72-78 350*52.5 70-92 K450*163 38
250*72 47-57 350*fifty four.5K eighty-86 485*92W seventy four
B250*72 34-sixty B350*55K 77-ninety eight 500*ninety seventy six-eighty two
B250*72B 42-fifty eight 350*56 eighty-86 500-92 72-eighty four
E250*seventy two 37-58 350*seventy five.5K 74 five hundred*92W seventy eight-eighty four
250*96 35-38 350*90 forty two-fifty six five hundred*a hundred seventy one
250*109 35-38 350*one hundred forty six-60 K500*146 35
260*55.5K 74-80 350*108 40-46 600*one hundred 76-80
Y260*ninety six 38-forty one 350*109 forty one-44 600*125 56-sixty four
260*109 35-39 Y370*107K 39-forty one seven-hundred*a hundred 80-98
280*72 forty five-sixty four four hundred*72.5N 70-80 750*a hundred and fifty sixty six
Y280*106K 35-42 400*seventy two.5W 68-ninety two 800*a hundred twenty five 80
three hundred*52.5N 72-98 Y400*seventy two.5K seventy two-74    
three hundred*fifty two.5W seventy two-92 KB400*seventy two.5K 68-seventy six  

Image of wheel:


Preserve your system on the reducing edge with ep sprockets and learn different premium brand names. Ep sprockets are large-good quality heat-treated steel to stand up to large shock masses, resist wear and offer a lengthy support existence. Alloy and stainless metal sprockets are also accessible for additional corrosion resistance and foodstuff-quality apps
Bushing Sprockets: Bushing sprockets can simplify chain method upkeep by replacing only worn sprocket assemblies, while the bushings can nonetheless be reused. The bushing also has a tightly tapered mating floor that can transmit greater torques than basic essential parts. Near-fitting surfaces provide much better functionality in programs with large start/cease functions or shock hundreds.

China OEM Rubber Track with Driving and Supporting Wheel 60*15*69     wholesaler


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