China sales Qtj4-35 Small Brick Making Machine, Hollow Block Making Machine Best Sales

Product Description


Adopting 4-qualified prospects guiding program ,with higher sturdy vibration motor and utilizing both compression of the higher and the base mould enhance the productivity and good quality, at the very same time can adapt to the various sorts of content for numerous blocks. 

Major technological specification:

Molding pieces   390mm×190mm×190mm   4pcs/mould
  390mm×240mm×190mm   3pcs/mold
  390mm×120mm×190mm   6pcs/mildew
  240mm×115mm×53mm  21pcs/mould
 (Be aware:The mold in accordance to your necessity)
Molding cycle   35s/time
Vibration frequency   2800rpm
Productiveness   2000-2500 pcs/working day(rely by amount of per mould)
Interesting power   28KN
Power   9.7KW(Overall electrical power in the up coming page)
Vibration form   Platform vibration
Pallet dimensions   850mm×460mm×40mm(thirty)mm



QTJ4 – 35 sort electric block forming equipment, the host can be operated independently, also can be geared up with a belt conveyor, a pipeline 
mixer. The host includes a vibration source, transmission, lifting, pushing, hopper, die electric powered control box system.
Lifting method: compose of cycloid pin motor, sprockets, lift arm, axle sleeve and hanging pin, positioning pin.
the cycloid pin motor with 1.5 kilowatt driven spindle at both ends of crank arm. Lift and reduce the mould in parallel pushed by the lift arm, The upper mould and beam hanging by both sides, balanced in the positioning plate. Hanging from the upper mildew.make upper mould leave the molding box smoothly.
Vibration system: below vibration compose of two established vibrator blend with 3KW. vibration over fashioned by a 1.5KW vibrator up and down.

Raw material :

QTJ4 – 35 kind block equipment contain standard concrete and light-weight concrete raw components, can use river sand, mechanism sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag, stone and other materials. In the meantime,it can also use cinder, fly ash, pumice stone, ceramic, perlite, shale and other supplies, wide suitability, as lengthy as the raw components with the electricity electrical power, it can be developed.

Basis Drawing:





The teeth of a single pitch sprocket mesh with 1 tooth per sprocket. Double pitch sprockets seem like single pitch sprockets, but the chain only meshes with the other teeth. This signifies that a double-pitch sprocket has the exact same variety of teeth as a one-pitch sprocket, but only fifty percent of the enamel are engaged with the chain. The major distinction is that the double pitch sprockets are cut with a particular pitch circle diameter for ideal engagement. For ep roller chains, the sprockets are the same if the number of teeth is 32 or far more for solitary and double chains.

China sales Qtj4-35 Small Brick Making Machine, Hollow Block Making Machine     Best Sales

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