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Rotary Drum Display (Internal)
Strong-liquid Separator Products for Wastewater Therapy


Rotary Drum Monitor Introduction
The drum is horizontally rotated underneath the support of four runners. It is pushed by TEFC reducer, anti-corrosion roller chain and stainless steel sprocket. The spray program immediately sprays cleanse water. The raw h2o flows in the inner of the drum through the overflow tank. The filtered raw drinking water is diverted to the central drainage spot by way of the base plate deflector and flows into the up coming sewage remedy device the slag in the raw h2o is blocked on the interior surface of the drum filter and is discharged as the drum rotates. 


Rotary Drum Display Fabricate Method



Rotary Drum Monitor Specialized Info


Rotary Drum Screen Details


Rotary Drum Monitor Software
Municipal Sewage
Slaughter House
Metallurgical  Market Wastewater 
SCZPT Sewage
Printing  & Dyeing Sewage
Metallic-Processing Sewage
Mining Stone Wastewater
Digital Sewage

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China sales Small Rotary Drum Screen in Water Pre Treatment     manufacturer


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