China shop Motorcycle Ignition System Accessories Spark Plug S-Bp7hix Standard

Product Description

Model Number:S-BP7HIX——————————–Kind:Moto Iridium/Platinum Spark Plug

Location of Origin:HangZhou, China——————————-Manufacturer Title:KGV


Hex:20.8mm—————————-=——————-Electrode Variety:Iridium/Platinum

Resisence or Non-Resis10ce: Non-Resis10ce—Shade:White

Vehicle Spark Plug:ignition parts—————————–Daily life time:130000km

Carton dimensions:200pcs in 1 carton———————-Warranty:80000 Kilometers

Auto Make:Oem Car—————————————-OE NO.:N/A

one.Floor electrode with platinum tip

Platinum raw supplies, has excellent thermal conductive performance.

Unique laser processing and stage to point styles, make ignition

more very easily and substantially increase the working daily life time.


two.All-round laser welding

Iridium raw materials, the melting point of 2454 Celsius

degrees Combinations of resistance and laser welding tech



three.All-spherical laser welding

Attributes of Iridium Spark Plug

Improve Ignitability & Gasoline Econom

Ignite Position:

Evaluating with Typical Spark Plug ,the flame of Iridium spark plug distribute a lot more frequenty. Iridium spark plug enhance considerably more the ignitability and fuel economy


Improve Acceleration

Improve Acceleration:

With the .5mm center electrode, the accelerating efficiency enhances naturally. The time difference to velocity up would be shor10ed .7 to 1 second.

Increase Engine Staring

Boost Motor Starting:

With the potent ignitability, the Iridium spark plug can ignite the engine effortlessly and make considerably less lower off even beneath thin air and adverse environment.

Normal Spark Plug
1.Electrode Content:Center electrode: Nickel Floor electrode: Nickel
two.Function:Most of the first car use this spark plug
3.Life span:The designed life is 5 W KM The best financial daily life is 3 W KM
four.Benefit:Decrease value

Platinum Spark Plug
1.Electrode Content:Heart electrode:Platinum Floor electrode: Nickel
two.Characteristic:Cost-effective substantial functionality
3.Lifetime:The designed existence is 7 W KM The best economic lifestyle is 5 W KM
4.Edge:Commence easy Accelerated fast

Iridium Spark Plug
one.Electrode Material:Centre electrode: Iridium Ground electrode: Nickel
two.Attribute:Start easyFuel savingAccelerated quick Combustion
3.Lifetime:The created existence is 8 W KM The ideal financial life is 6 W KM
four.Benefit:Start easyFuel savingAccelerated rapidly Combustion

Iridium/Platinum Spark Plug
one.Electrode Substance:Center electrode:Iridium Ground electrode:Nickel
two.Function:Start off easyFuel savingAccelerated quick Combustion
three.Life time:The made lifestyle is sixteen W KM The very best economic life is 8 W KM
four.Benefit:Start easyFuel savingAccelerated quickly CombustionLonger life time

Double Iridium Spark Plug
one.Electrode Material:Center electrode: Iridium Ground electrode: Iridium
two.Function:The quickest accelerating
three.Life span:The developed lifestyle is 16 W KMThe best economic daily life is 8 W KM
4.Advantage:Start off fastPower upgradeStable ignitionLowest misfireComplete combustionFuel savingClean the exhaust Longest Life time

one.HangZhou INDUSTRIAL & Investing Building CO., LTD.was proven in 2002 in china.
two.Our firm is a expert manufacturer of Spark Plugs .
three.We can supply many kind of spark plug:

  • CNG/LPG Spark Plug
  • Motorcycle Spark Plug
  • Vehicle Spark Plug
  • Small Engine Spark Plug

4.We have a full range of solution,which includes spark plug ,filter,brake pads and so on.
five.Cooperate with a lot of OEM consumers these kinds of as Lifan,Sanlg,Suzuki,Wangye Qipa and many others.

Q1:What’s the minimum order quantity for the first purchasing?
A1:Generally talking standard Spark Plug 5000PCS(total amount reaches 20000PCS), iridium Spark Plug 1000PCS/each design( (limitless).For further information,please contact us.
Q2:How can we get to know the quality before placing an order?
A2:Samples are provided for quality test.
Q3:How can we get samples from you?
A3:Free samples are provided,you just to need take care of the fr8 by below 3 ways.
***Offering us the courier account
***Arranging pick-up service
***Paying the fr8 to us by bank transfer.
This autumn:What’s loading capacity for 20ft container?
A4:Max loading capacity is 22tons,exact loading capacity depends on the spark plug model you choose and the country you come from.For further information,please contact us.
Q5:How long is the delivery time?
A5:30-35 days after received the deposit.If you have special requirement on delivery time,
please let us know.
Q6:What’s the payment terms?
A6:Normally Bank transfer or other as your request.
Q7:What should we do if quality defects occurred after received the goods?
A7:Please kindly send us photos with detailed description by email,we will solve it for you immediately,refund or exchange will be arranged once verified.
Q8:Is it possible to load mix-products in 1 container?
A8:Of course,it’s available.

Our Provider

HangZhou INDUSTRIAL & Investing Establishing CO., LTD.

1.HangZhou INDUSTRIAL & Trading Establishing CO., LTD.was established in 2002 in china.
2.Our business is a expert maker of Spark Plugs .
three.We can supply many variety of spark plug:

  • CNG/LPG Spark Plug
  • Motorbike Spark Plug
  • Car Spark Plug
  • Small Engine Spark Plug
  • Genrator Spark Plug

4.We have a comprehensive selection of product,like spark plug ,filter,brake pads etc.
five.Cooperate with a lot of OEM clientele these kinds of as Lifan,Sanlg,Suzuki,Wangye Qipa and so forth.6. Offer you quality product with aggressive value.
seven. Complete service for buy subsequent and tracking. 
8. OEM and personalize design for your po10tial marketing and advertising item. 
nine. Helpful support and prompt reply inside of 24 hours. 

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China shop Motorcycle Ignition System Accessories Spark Plug S-Bp7hix     Standard


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