China Standard Excavators Rubber Track (170X60X40) for Construction Equipment manufacturer

Product Description

Commodity:Agricultural rubber keep track of(PY-a hundred and seventy)

Measurement: Width170*Pitch60*Link40

Excess weight: 19.2kg

Url and Duration can be adjustable

Application: Mainly used in small agricultural machinery and other design

amount can be utilized in snowblower/Snowmobile, Robot, Wheelchair,

(mini)Excavators, Monitor loaders, Pitch Paver,Dumpers…Etc.

Guarantee: Guarantee 1 12 months beneath normal use

Software and Features:

1. Suitable for the tiny wheelchair.

2. Can load fat about300-400KG

3. Size can be adjusted.

4. Sprocket is obtainable.

Qualities of rubber keep track of:

one). Much less damage to the ground surface

two). Minimal sounds

three). High managing speed

4). Less vibration

five). Lower floor contack specific force

six). Higher tractive power

7). Gentle excess weight

eight). Easy to modify

About us:

We supply Rubber Tracks, Rubber Tracks for Truck, Modest Rubber Track,

Mini Asphalt Paver Rubber Track, Rubber Track for Harvesting Excvavtor,

Rubber Track for Skid Steer Loader, Rubber Monitor for Snowmobile,

Rubber Observe for snowblower, Rubber keep track of for robotic, etc.

Solution Software(Model):
one.Mini excavator rubber tracks:
Specializing in the manufacturing of various types of mini excavators with rubber tracks,

can be equipped with imported models Komatsu, Hitachi, Carter, Sumitomo,Doosan,

present day,Volvo, Kubota,Yanmar, Takeuchi, Bobcats, JCB and so on.

two.Crawler excavators, crawler loaders, crawler agricultural machines, pavers tracks,

snow tracked vehicle and other unique sequence crawler and rubber track blocks.
Items for excavators, bulldozers, paver, crawler cranes, pipelayers Excess weight Design:
Carter excavatorVolvo excavatorCZPT excavatorCZPT bulldozer
CZPT excavatorDaewoo / CZPT excavatorCZPT excavatorSCZPT excavator
Kato excavators,KubotaIshikawajimaFukuda reves
TakeuchiBobcatsYanmarYanmarSunwardCarterCZPT harvesters and other

excavators,track loaders,pavers, agricultural equipment.
3.Industrial tracked making use of model as below:
Hyundai, Fukuda Revo, Sunward, Sany , Liugong, continual special, Jiang Lu,
Hongda, Jin workers, military Alliance, Carter, Xihu (West Lake)
4.Harvester Brand name: Kubota, ZheJiang Planet, Coria, Japan, Yanmar, Fukuda, Korea HangZhou.

Rubber Tracks Specification 
Sort:PY-50A Variety:PY-50B Sort:PY-60A Variety:PY-60B
Link No.fifty four Link No.46 Link No.sixty six Link No.fifty
Pitch:19mm Pitch:20mm Pitch:12.7mm Pitch:eighteen.5mm
Width:50mm Width:50mm Width:60mm Width:60mm
Total length:1026mm Total length:920mm Total length:838.2mm Total length:925mm
Weight:.5Kg Bodyweight:.5Kg Weight:1.2Kg Bodyweight:.44Kg
Type:PY-seventy six Kind:PY-eighty Sort:PY-85 Type:PY-100A
Link No.120 Link No.108 Link No.24 Link No.50
Pitch:12.7mm Pitch:15mm Pitch:59.4mm Pitch:40mm
Width:76mm Width:80mm Width:85mm Width:100mm
Total length:1524mm Total length:1620mm Total length:1425.6mm Total length:2000mm
Weight:1.92Kg Bodyweight:1.2Kg Fat:1.92Kg Excess weight:4Kg
Variety:PY-100B Sort:PY-one hundred ten Variety:PY-a hundred and fifteen Variety:PY-118A
Link No.76 Link No.32 Link No.32 Link No.eighteen
Pitch:20mm Pitch:42mm Pitch:65mm Pitch:61mm
Width:100mm Width:110mm Width:115mm Width:118mm
Total length:1520mm Total length:1344mm Total length:2080mm Total length:1098mm
Excess weight:1.84Kg Bodyweight:2.12Kg Weight:Kg Fat:2.32Kg
Kind:PY-118B Sort:PY-118C Variety:PY-123 Kind:PY-130
Link No.20 Link No.24 Link No.60 Link No.28
Pitch:60mm Pitch:61mm Pitch:40mm Pitch:72mm
Width:118mm Width:118mm Width:123mm Width:130mm
Total length:1200mm Total length:1464mm Total length:2400mm Total length:2016mm
Fat:2.44Kg Excess weight:3.9Kg Bodyweight:8Kg Bodyweight:eleven.2Kg
Variety:PY-one hundred thirty five Kind:PY-136 Type:PY-one hundred forty Kind:PY-148
Link No.72 Link No.forty one Link No.24 Link No.36
Pitch:18.5mm Pitch:45mm Pitch:80mm Pitch:60mm
Width:135mm Width:136mm Width:140mm Width:148mm
Total length:1332mm Total length:1845mm Total length:1920mm Total length:2160mm
Bodyweight:1.66Kg Fat:3.56Kg Weight:5Kg Weight:16Kg
Variety:PY-150 Sort:PY-180 Variety:PY-200 Kind:PY-255A
Link No.22 Link No.42 Link No.60 Link No.30
Pitch:sixty three.4mm Pitch:65mm Pitch:sixty one.5mm Pitch:72mm
Width:150mm Width:180mm Width:200mm Width:255mm
Total length:1394.8mm Total length:2730mm Total length:3690mm Total length:2160mm
Fat:3.6Kg   Bodyweight:20Kg Fat:12Kg
Variety:PY-255B Variety:PY-300 Type:PY-320 Variety:PY-350
Link No.35 Link No.58 Link No.33 Link No.fifty three
Pitch:65mm Pitch:109mm Pitch:87mm Pitch:100mm
Width:255mm Width:300mm Width:320mm Width:350mm
Total length:2275mm Total length:6322mm Total length:2871mm Total length:5300mm
Bodyweight:10Kg   Weight:22Kg  
Type:PY-382 Variety:PY-four hundred Kind:PY-420 Variety:PY-500
Link No.54 Link No.46 Link No.fifty eight Link No.48
Pitch:64mm Pitch:90mm Pitch:100mm Pitch:63.5mm
Width:382mm Width:400mm Width:420mm Width:500mm
Total length:3456mm Total length:4140mm Total length:5800mm Total length:3048mm
Weight:29Kg     Bodyweight:forty three.2Kg


Program functionality is very dependent on the interaction of the sprockets, which signifies that the sprockets you choose travel the achievement of your operation. Make the appropriate and simple selection with ep’s sprockets. Tsubaki provides chain and sprocket production abilities. The chain meshes nicely with the sprockets for prolonged service existence and reliable efficiency. This means long-phrase savings and genuine worth for your operations. Decrease maintenance downtime, increase efficiency and decrease replacement charges

China Standard Excavators Rubber Track (170X60X40) for Construction Equipment     manufacturer


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