China Standard Small Hand Push Type Multi-Function Wheat Rice Grainbinder Machine Free Design Custom

Item Description

Modest hand thrust variety multi-operate wheat rice grainbinder equipment
The wind rower consists of 2 primary components: the supporting main equipment and the windrower. The supporting major engine is composed of motor, transmission gearbox, body, multi-functional handrail for managing movement and widened tire. It is primarily employed for harvesting wheat, rice and other platycodon crops. It is appropriate for platform topography and plant h8 of .5~1.5 meters. The diameter (downs of less than 45°) is significantly less than 4 winds and is not rainy. The electrical power output shaft of the wind rower is transmitted to the header transmission by means of the transmission shaft, and is transmitted to the eccentric crank slide system through the transmission claw clutch and a pair of CZPT to push the cutter, and is transmitted to the conveyor chain by means of the sprocket chain. The travel shaft drives the upper and reduced conveyor chains. The Fuhe belt is pushed by the Fuhexing star wheel. The motion of the HangZhou star wheel is driven by the tooth extraction of the conveyor chain.Tiny measurement, mild w8, reduced gasoline intake, versatile maneuverability, straightforward and hassle-free procedure, reduced labor, minimal chopping, and so on. Computerized windrower, instantly turned to 1 aspect.

Chopping width 1000mm
Continue being h8 ≥50mm
Placement angle 90±20
Placement way Facet route
Generation capacity 2-3.5mu/h
Electricity Diesel engine 8Hp
W8 310kg
Dimension one.4*1.4*.eighty five


System efficiency is extremely dependent on the interaction of the sprockets, which indicates that the sprockets you decide on drive the accomplishment of your operation. Make the proper and effortless option with ep’s sprockets. Tsubaki provides chain and sprocket manufacturing capabilities. The chain meshes properly with the sprockets for prolonged provider lifestyle and reputable functionality. This implies lengthy-expression financial savings and genuine price for your operations. Reduce maintenance downtime, enhance productiveness and reduce alternative charges
Drum sprockets: These sprockets are normally broader to improve the general floor speak to amongst the sprocket and chain. This decreases tension on the two sections, creating a a lot more sturdy system for weighty haul conveyors.

China Standard Small Hand Push Type Multi-Function Wheat Rice Grainbinder Machine     Free Design Custom

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