China supplier Small Chocolate Bar Chocolate Making Machine Big Produces in Mumbai Standard

Product Description

Introduction of chocolate producing machine large produces 
This  chocolate generating equipment massive produces  is a unique equipment for quantitatively pouring chocolate. This chocolate making equipment large produces  can be utilised for pouring solitary-colour, double-color, and stuffed chocolate. This chocolate making machine big produces rotates by way of the motor, reducer, inHangZhou positioning mechanism, and sprocket. The template is pushed forward in the guidebook rail by the particular chain plate on the chain.


 Feature Of chocolate producing device in mumbai
one.Exact pouring quantity: The frequency conversion (servo) motor stroke is utilised to manage the pouring amount, and the pouring amount control is precise, and the mistake does not CZPT 2G.
two. Exact template positioning: no template, no pouring, correct management.
3. Multiple functions: it can make solitary-shade, still left-appropriate double-shade and slurry-filled chocolate merchandise (solitary-head pouring equipment), and a entirely computerized pouring machine that integrates mold drying, pouring, vibration mould, cooling, demoulding, and conveying also It can make solitary-color, remaining-appropriate double-colour, higher-reduce double-colour and slurry-crammed chocolate (double-head pouring device), which integrates mould drying, secondary pouring, secondary vibration mold, secondary cooling, demolding, and conveying. Assorted choices and various coordination.
Parameters Of small chocolate bar producing equipment

Model GG-CJZ150 GG-CJZ175 GG-CJZ510
Potential 6-15Template block/min six-15Template block/min six-15Template block/min
Power(Kw) 6 19 21
Number of templates(Piece) 200 280 280
Template measurement(mm) 275*a hundred seventy five*thirty 330*two hundred*thirty 510*200*thirty
W8(Kg) five hundred 3500 4000
Dimension(mm) 4000*520*1500 16000*1000*1600 16000*2000*1600

Sprockets are made to ISO606 and ASME hundred standards, offered in plate, solitary and double hub configurations, created from large quality carbon steel, optional tapered bushings simplify installation and elimination, treatment options obtainable on request, including black oxide
In excess of time, the sprocket teeth wear out owing to friction caused by the continual actual physical make contact with between the sprocket enamel and the sprocket. ep manufactures smart tooth sprockets with put on indicator pins. These visual put on indicators explain to operators and inspectors when sprockets are nevertheless working safely and securely and when they want to be changed.

China supplier Small Chocolate Bar Chocolate Making Machine Big Produces in Mumbai     Standard

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