China wholesaler Rubber Track 300*52.5kb*84h for Komatsu PC30.7 Free Design Custom

Item Description

Rubber Monitor 300*52.5kb*84h for KOMATSU

one.Solution Data

Simple Data

1.Components: Rubber
2.Model NO.: 300*52.5*84
3.Kind: Crawler
4.Software: Excavator
5.Condition: New
6.Width: 300mm
7.Pitch Length: 52.5Nmm
eight.Link No: Can Be Customized
9.Certification: ISO9001: 2000
ten.Place of Origin: ZheJiang , China (Mainland)
11.Colour Black
12.Transport Package Bare Packing or Wooden Pallets
thirteen.Delivery Date seven-13days After Payment
14.Guarantee Guarantee 12 Months Under Normal Use
15.Export Market World-wide
sixteen.Specification GT-three hundred*52.5*eighty four
17.Payment Term: L/C,T/T


Rubber keep track of with measurement 300mm vast, 52.5mm pitch and eighty four back links, can be applied on the design equipment as stick to:

Brand Authentic Dimension CZPT Size1 Roller
PC25.two (KOMATSU) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
PC25.two (KOMATSU) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84K B2
PC30 AVANCE R (KOMATSU) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
PC30.6 (KOMATSU) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
PC30.7 (KOMATSU) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
PC30.7E (KOMATSU) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
PC30MR (KOMATSU) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
PC30MR1 (KOMATSU) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
PC30MRX (KOMATSU) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
PC30R (KOMATSU) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
PC30R.eight (KOMATSU) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
PC30UU.three (KOMATSU) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
PC35MR (KOMATSU) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1 (KOMATSU) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
PC35MRX (KOMATSU) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
PC35R.8 (KOMATSU) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
PC38.2 (KOMATSU) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
PC38.2 AVANCE R (KOMATSU) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
PC38UU.2 (KOMATSU) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
PC38UU.three (KOMATSU) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
PC38UUM.two (KOMATSU) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
MH35 (AUSA) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
MH35R (AUSA) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5×84 B1
ES400ZT (CAESAR) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5×84 B1
303.five (CATERPILLAR) 300×52,5×84 320x54x82 B1
303CR (CATERPILLAR) 300×52,5×84 320x54x82 B1
MM35 (CATERPILLAR) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
MM35B (CATERPILLAR) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
MM35T (CATERPILLAR) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
MM40SR (CATERPILLAR) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
MX35 (CATERPILLAR) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
DH35 (DAEWOO) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
DX30 (DAEWOO) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
SLO35 (DAEWOO) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
Solar 035 (DAEWOO) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
Solar 035PLUS (DAEWOO) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
DX30 (DOOSAN) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
DX30Z (DOOSAN) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
MB358 (GEHLMAX) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
H36C (HANIX) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
H36CR (HANIX) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
DM34 (HINOWA) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5×84 B1 (HITACHI) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
UE30 (HITACHI) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
ROBEX 35.five (HYUNDAI) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
ROBEX 35.7 (HYUNDAI) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
ROBEX (HYUNDAI) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84N B1
30JX (IHI) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
30NX (IHI) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
30NX.two (IHI) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
30VX (IHI) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
30VZ (IHI) 300×52,5×84 300×52,x84W B1
32J (IHI) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
35J (IHI) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
35N (IHI) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
35N.2 (IHI) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
GX35 (IHI) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
IS30JX (IHI) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
IS30NX (IHI) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
30JX (IMER) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
30NX (IMER) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
30NX.2 (IMER) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
30VX (IMER) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
30VX.three (IMER) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
30VZ (IMER) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
32J (IMER) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
35J (IMER) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
35N.two (IMER) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
35N.three (IMER) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
CT35N (IWAFUJI) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
MM35 (MITSUBISHI) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
MM35B (MITSUBISHI) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
MM35T (MITSUBISHI) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
MM40SR (MITSUBISHI) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
EZ38 (NEUSON) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
LS1000FXJ2 (SUMITOMO) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
LS1000FXJ3 (SUMITOMO) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
SH30JX (SUMITOMO) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
SH30JX2 (SUMITOMO) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
SH32J (SUMITOMO) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
SH35J (SUMITOMO) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84W B1
B4U (YANMAR) 300×52,5×84 300×52,5x84K B2
YC35.8 (YUCHAI) 300X52,5X84 300×52,5x84N  
ES400 (EUROCOMACH) 300×52,5x84N 300×52,5x84N B1
ES400SR (EUROCOMACH) 300×52,5x84N 300×52,5x84N B1
ES400ZT (EUROCOMACH) 300×52,5x84N 300×52,5x84N B1



 3.Unique Features of the CZPT Rubber Tracks

– 3 Metal Cores Wound Up: Increased toughness & Better flexibility

– Scaled-down Make contact with Surface area (Smaller sized Lug): Better grip & traction

– Bi Directional: Tracks are Interchangeable

– Bolstered Edges Amongst Lugs: Lowering the possibility of slicing

– Jointless: Track is considerably more robust than the joint type


four. Condition of artwork technological innovation

Thanks for limitless our clients feel us and area the purchase to us. So we have ample found to commit on R&D every single calendar year. 
With a number of several years study, we used the Ongoing Rubber Observe inside the rubber track. 

Steady rubber track implies the metal within the rubber in procedure is coherent which indicates there are no weld joint between the metal. Comparing with widespread rubber observe, Continuous Rubber monitor has some Performance Positive aspects as stick to:

1: Great tensile strength
The framework of the steady rubber track is wind-up by 1, one steel wire which delivers a uniform a uniform tensile sCZPT for which improve the entire track’s tensile stength.

two: Reduced elongation
Lead to of the constant structure of the monitor, the metal wire inner tough to be elongated so that presents the track a extremely low elongation.

3: Very good anti-slip capability for steel wire inside
The steel wire under the constant construction pressured uniform for the duration of the method of manufacture which helps make the steel wire interior has a great capability of anti-slip in the course of the rubber track’s working.

4: Steady dimension for pitch
The constant framework assures low elongtion for rubber track which can make the dimension of the pitch a lot more secure.

5. Metal wire not effortless to crack
The constant structure can provide a uniform tensile sCZPT for the steel wire internal which helps make the metal wire not effortless to split and seem on the floor of the rubber monitor.

Considering that several years, CZPT tends to make use of the steady metal-cable techCZPT in order to enlarge sCZPT and resistance. CZPT rubber tracks are 40% more powerful and long long lasting, and the charges for the consumers are decreased.

5.Why choose rubber observe?

*Significantly less ground harm
Rubber tracks result in considerably less damage to roadways than metal tracks, and considerably less rutting on delicate floor than metal tracks.

*Low Noise
A advantage to tools operating in congested areas, rubber tracks make significantly less sound than steel tracks.

*Substantial speed 
Rubber tracks permit devices to vacation at a higher velocity than metal tracks.

*Significantly less vibration
Rubber tracks insulate machine and operator from vibration, extending the support daily life of device and lowering operator’s tiredness.

*Minimal floor pressure
The ground force of rubber tracks geared up machinery can be reasonably minimal, about .14-2.30kg/m2, a key reason for its use on damp and comfortable terrain.

*Outstanding traction
The extra traction of rubber  tracked vehicles permits them to pull two times the load of wheeled vehicles of the exact same fat.

*Gentle machinery fat
Rubber track’s pulling performance being two times that of wheels, it permits the lighter cars equip with rubber monitor to do the identical pulling operate than that of wheeled autos.

6. How to verify the measurement of the rubber tracks?
Generally, we estimate to our clientele in accordance to the measurement of the rubber monitor. The dimensions of the rubber keep track of including width of the rubber keep track of, pitch duration of the rubber monitor, and the back links.

Size: Width x Pitch x Links      Device: mm


7. The recognize of using rubber tracks

1.Change the tension of the rubber crawler so that the top, the variable assortment is ten-20mm when the equipment is lifted. Readjust when the tension decreases. (Be cautious since the rubber crawler may arrive off if the stress is way too minimal).

two.Keep away from projections from the frame close to the rubber crawler, especially on its internal circumference. (Rubber crawlers are easily deformed if it arrives into make contact with with the frame, an incident such as the rubber being reduce can occur).

three.Avoid sharp projections when travelling.

four.Keep away from turning too quickly on concrete streets with a large coefficient of friction because this can trigger mishaps this sort of as slicing the rubber.

five.Be careful that no oil, ect adheres to the rubber track. If it does, wipe it off immediatedly.

6.When storing for extended intervals, hold indoors, away from direct sCZPT and rain.

seven.Exchange as soon as achievable when abrasion of the sprockets is noticed.
Remember to famous that, the parameter just show the part of our measurement variety, if you can not locate your measurement, make sure you kindly tell us by e-mail or other techniques, we will customise for you.

Excavator Rubber Observe
Width*Pitch length(mm) Number of Links Width*Pitch length(mm) Number of Links Width*Pitch length(mm)
one hundred thirty*seventy two 28-fifty three three hundred*fifty two.5K 72-eighty four 400*seventy two.5KW
a hundred and fifty*sixty 28-forty nine three hundred*fifty two.5KW seventy two-92 four hundred*seventy four
a hundred and fifty*seventy two 29-forty KB300*fifty two.5 seventy two-ninety two 400*seventy five.5K
170*sixty thirty-40 KB300*fifty two.5N seventy two-98 B400*86
180*60 30-40 JD300*fifty two.5N 72-ninety eight 400*90
a hundred and eighty*seventy two 30-fifty eight 300*53K eighty-eighty four Y400*142
a hundred and eighty*72K 30-37 300*fifty five 70-86 400*a hundred and forty four
B180*72K 34-51 three hundred*fifty five.5K seventy six-eighty two Y400*144K
B180*72A thirty-51 three hundred*71K seventy two-55 420*a hundred
H180*seventy two thirty-fifty 300*109N 25-forty two 450*seventy one
190*60 30-40 K300*109 37-41 DW450*seventy one
a hundred ninety*seventy two 34-39 three hundred*109WK 35-42 450*seventy three.5
two hundred*72 34-forty seven B300*eighty four 78-fifty two 450*76
two hundred-*72K 37-47 T300*86K 48-52 450*81N
230*forty eight 60-84 320*fifty two.5 72-98 450*81W
230*48K 60-eighty four B320*fifty two.five sixty eight-98 KB450*eighty one.5
230*72 42-56 320*fifty four 70-84 K450*eighty three.five
230*72K 42-56 B320*86 49-52 B450*eighty four
230*ninety six 30-48 320*90 fifty two-fifty six B450*86
230*101 30-36 320*a hundred 38-54 450*90
250*47K eighty four 320*100W 37-sixty five KU450*90
250*forty eight.5K eighty-88 Y320*106K 39-forty three T450*100K
250*fifty two.5K 72-seventy eight 350*52.five 70-92 K450*163
250*72 47-57 350*fifty four.5K eighty-86 485*92W
B250*72 34-sixty B350*55K 77-ninety eight 500*ninety
B250*72B forty two-fifty eight 350*56 eighty-86 500-ninety two
E250*72 37-fifty eight 350*75.5K 74 500*92W
250*ninety six 35-38 350*ninety 42-56 five hundred*a hundred
250*109 35-38 350*100 46-sixty K500*146
260*55.5K 74-80 350*108 forty-forty six 600*one hundred
Y260*ninety six 38-forty one 350*109 41-forty four 600*one hundred twenty five
260*109 35-39 Y370*107K 39-forty one seven hundred*100
280*72 45-sixty four four hundred*seventy two.5N 70-eighty 750*a hundred and fifty
Y280*106K 35-42 400*72.5W sixty eight-ninety two 800*one hundred twenty five
300*52.5N seventy two-98 Y400*72.5K seventy two-seventy four  
300*52.5W 72-92 KB400*seventy two.5K sixty eight-seventy six  


9.Parameters for lug


Metal Split Sprockets: These sprockets are split in 50 % for less complicated installation into the chain method with out getting rid of the axle. The operator can place each 50 percent into the chain before bolting the halves collectively. This only permits the sprocket to be replaced without dismantling the complete assembly and keeps the operator from possessing to loosen or reposition the chain.

China wholesaler Rubber Track 300*52.5kb*84h for Komatsu PC30.7     Cost-free Design and style Personalized


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